Frequently Asked Questions


How many products are there in Cookie Time Limited range?

Cookie Time®:
We have our flagship product – the Original™ Chocolate Chunk (New Zealand’s favourite cookie!), plus four others that make up our large cookie range. On top of that we have our 55g premium cookies (the Chocolate Fix & Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate), our Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk cookie,the 50g Go Cookies Time (Original Chocolate, Salted Caramel Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chocolate), the 50g Graduate Cookie (Chocolate Chunk & Triple Chocolate), the 25g Rookie Cookie (Chocolate Chunk & Triple Chocolate), Cookie Bites, The 200g Cookie Bake (Classic Chocolate Chunk, Chewy Apricot Chocolate & Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk) and two varieties of 9-Packs.

Bumper Bar®:
Our Bumper Bar range consists of four popular flavours – Apricot Chocolate, Raspberry White Chocolate, Wildberry Chocolate, and Banana Chocolate. Apricot Chocolate and Raspberry White Chocolate Bumper Bars are also available in a handy 3-pack.

Bumper Slice™:
Bumper Slices can be found in two chocolate-rich flavours – Double Chocolate Brownie and White Chocolate Blondie.

Bumper Bliss Balls™:
Bumper Bliss Balls are available in three tasty flavours – Cacao Vanilla, Apricot Almond and Cranberry Raspberry.

A true revolution in on the go nutrition, OSM is internationally patented as first in a new class of nutritionally balanced food and beverage.

OSM is available in four great flavours – Cranberry with Blackcurrant, Apricot with Manuka Honey, Chocolate with Manuka Honey and Almond with Vanilla. Available in 2 Bar packs, 6 Bar boxes and 8 Bite packs. OSM Bars were designed as a convenient meal replacement and OSM Bites are the handy snack size that’s perfect for the lunchbox or snacking on the go.

What is the best seller in the Cookie Time range?

The Original™ Chocolate Chunk cookie (made using founder Michael Mayell’s original cookie recipe developed in 1983) was the first Cookie Time product and has built up a loyal following of serious cookie munchers. It remains Cookie Time’s (and New Zealand’s) best selling individual cookie.

How are Cookie Time Limited products distributed?

Cookie Time Limited products are distributed throughout New Zealand by more than 40 independent franchisees. Our franchisees order their cookies and bars online using the company’s intranet system; their order gets sent through to our dispatch team who send product out as soon as the orders are placed, ensuring the cookies and bars reach the marketplace as fresh as can be.

Does Cookie Time Limited export overseas?

At this point in time, Cookie Time Limited does not export product into any overseas country. However, we know there is international interest in our brands – Cookie Time®, Cookie Bar®, Bumper™ and OSM® – so we always welcome enquiries on this.

If you are interested in product for individual consumption, our factory shop here in Christchurch, New Zealand, will be more than happy to help you. Please email directly to

How does Cookie Time Limited develop the recipes for their products?

The Original™ Chocolate Chunk cookie recipe was developed by Michael Mayell when he started the business back in 1983. Nowadays, we employ three food technologists who formulate the recipes for all of our cookies and bars.

What quantities of ingredients are used per week by Cookie Time Limited?

Each week, approximately 9 tonnes of chocolate, 12 tonnes of flour, 8 tonnes of sugar, 7.5 tonnes of butter
and 48,000 (4000 dozen!) eggs go into our cookies alone!

Does Cookie Time Limited use additives in their products?

We are passionate about using wholesome ingredients similar to what you would use for baking at home. We choose premium ingredients and ensure they are the freshest we can get. We don’t directly add any preservatives, emulsifiers or colours (artificial or natural). We use flavours in a few of our products just as you might add vanilla essence. Some of the ingredients we use, such as chocolate, dried apricots and dried cranberries, contain additives, just as the chocolate, dried apricots and dried cranberries do which you would use at home. To make sure our customers know exactly what they are munching on, we label all our products with a comprehensive ingredient list showing all the ingredients that are in our products as well as what these ingredients are made up of.

How do Cookie Time Limited products fit into a balanced diet?

We are all about real food, made with real ingredients. Some of our products – Cookie Time cookies and Bumper Bars and Bumper Slices – are perfect for a real treat. Bumper Bliss Balls provide a healthy snack that tastes great too, while OSM offers nutritional balance in every serve. Check out the balanced lifestyles page on this website for more information.

How was Cookie Time started?

Cookie Time was started back in February 1983 by an enthusiastic young entrepreneur named Michael Mayell. Michael (after trying a couple of unsuccessful business ventures) started baking cookies in his one bedroom flat in (the aptly named!) Shrewsberry Street, before delivering them to the local dairies in his trusty Mini Clubman van. The cookies took off, business boomed and the rest, as they say, is history!

How is Cookie Time run today?

Cookie Time is run from its factory and headquarters in Templeton, just south of Christchurch. The company is 100% New Zealand owned and operated and is privately owned by its founder Michael Mayell and his brother Guy Pope-Mayell.

How many staff are employed by Cookie Time and what kind of jobs do they do?

Around 75 full time staff work from Cookie Time’s factory and headquarters in Templeton. An extra 30 full time staff and 70 tertiary students are employed to help out over the busy Christmas period. On top of this, there are 45 independent franchisees who service outlets throughout New Zealand.

The job roles at Cookie Time vary hugely. There is of course the indispensable factory staff who make sure your cookies taste great and are up to scratch; there are separate Accounts, IT, Production, Marketing and Creative departments as well as specialised job roles spread amongst the management team.

Does Cookie Time still run factory tours?

The last Cookie Time/Candy Time factory tour was held back in 1996. As the factory grew and new laws and regulations were put in place, it just wasn’t a practical thing to keep doing.

We do still however have our Cookie Time Factory Shop located next to the factory in Templeton, just south of Christchurch where you can buy Cookie Time products at great factory direct prices as well as check out some cool displays.

What is Cookie Muncher’s role at Cookie Time?

As well as having the demanding job of being the public face of Cookie Time, Cookie Muncher also holds down a job helping to make the cookies in the factory. He also has the enviable job of being Cookie Time’s official taste tester!

What is the Cookie Time Charitable Trust?

The Cookie Time Charitable Trust (CTCT) was developed in 2003 to help Kiwi kids discover their gifts. The CTCT creates opportunities for children throughout New Zealand to realise their potential by making available innovative learning programmes to those who would not otherwise be able to participate.

The CTCT has initially chosen to focus on two areas; Innovation in Learning and Thinking Differently – Dyslexia. The CTCT has brought about significant change, particularly in the area of dyslexia.

Head to for more information.

How are Cookie Time products marketed?

The first step is to make sure our products taste the absolute best. We do this by using only premium grade natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours, and by cramming loads of chocolate into each and every cookie! Our theory is that if they taste great, people will keep on buying.

We then ensure our cookies look the best by having great packaging and display units. We keep the public aware of us by doing wacky things like baking the World’s Biggest Cookie, by repainting planes, minis and our factory with cookie designs, running great promotions and by generally keeping our customers happy.

We also have our Cookie Muncher signs on dairies around the country; they’re a great way of creating brand awareness and have become a bit of a Kiwi icon (which can only do good things for our brand!)

How does Cookie Time advertise?

Cookie Time is unique in the fact that we don’t advertise in the traditional sense. The brand has been built on the basics: a great tasting product, great distribution, intelligent management, strong imagery and the creation of plenty of dynamic public relations opportunities (baking the World’s Biggest Cookie being just one of these!)

Does Cookie Time have a specific target market?

We don’t have a target market as such. Kids love our cookies, but then so do university students and adults. We sell a lot of cookies pretty much everywhere, from service stations to supermarkets so our customer base is wide and varied. During our annual Christmas Cookies campaign we sell into businesses, gaining a large following of workers.

Basically, anyone who loves a great tasting treat is our target market!

Where does Cookie Time stand on sponsorship?

Cookie Time is currently not accepting sponsorship proposals. We’ll give a polite “thanks, but no thanks” up front here, to save you spending time and effort putting your proposal to us only to get the same response down the track.

We are directing all of our support to the Cookie Time Charitable Trust to help Kiwi kids discover their gifts. We recommend you check out to find out more about the great work the CTCT is doing.

If you had planned to contact us about sponsorship, we wish you all the very best for your endeavor and thank you for thinking of us.

Does Cookie Time still hold the record for baking the World’s Biggest Cookie?

No, although we held the record for twelve years, that honour now goes to American cookie company Immaculate Baking Co.

In 2003, their attempt didn’t look like it had cut it… Guinness World Records didn’t officially recognise their cookie until 2008.The American cookie measured a huge 100 foot in diameter (ours was 81 foot, just under 25 metres in diameter).

Cookie Muncher is currently weighing up his options.

Is the Cookie Time mini still around?

Our Cookie Time mini is most definitely still around! But its getting a makeover. The 1976 Mini Clubman van – fully modified to once include a 1380cc engine, specially imported Zeemax body kit, 13inch custom wheels, custom dashboard, BMW Mini seats and a custom designed stereo and PA system, will be making a comback for viewing at the Cookie Time factory in Templeton, just south of Christchurch.