Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches. Now in the freezer!

Cookies Coolest Partner!New Zealand’s favourite cookies just got a whole lot cooler! Meet cookies new coolest partner – Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches!

Giving you double the Cookie Time, with two cookies and either dreamy ice cream or chocolate coconut cream.

Released to celebrate Cookie Time’s 40th birthday, Cookie Sandwiches are a delicious take on a classic Kiwi dessert. A crowd favourite at Cookie Time’s Cookie Bars in New Zealand and Japan over the last 10 years, this new release means everyone can enjoy this chilled out treat.

Two Amazing Flavours!

Experience the thrill of the Cookie Time chill, in streets freezers nationwide!


Where are the Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches made?
These are proudly made in New Zealand, with the cookies baked in Christchurch and the ice cream and chocolate coconut cream fillings made by Appleby Farms in Nelson.

Are these products gluten free?
No, there is gluten in the wheat flour used in the cookies.

Are they vegan/plant based?
The Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich is plant-based.

Are these products suitable for vegans or vegetarians?
Both products are suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians and the Double Chocolate Chunk Sandwich is also suitable for vegans – although it should be noted that the facility in which the sandwiches are produced also handles milk and eggs so while effort is taken to minimise cross contact with these ingredients, it nevertheless is possible.

Are these products Halal or Kosher?
No, these products are not certified Halal or Kosher.

What allergens do the Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches contain?
Original™ Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich: Contains: wheat, gluten, soy, milk. May be present: egg, peanut, sesame, tree nuts.
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich: Contains: wheat, gluten, soy. May be present: egg, peanut, sesame, tree nuts.

Is the packaging recyclable?
The wrap can be recycled with other soft plastics – please check with your local council.

Where exactly are the Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches being sold?
In all stores that have a Streets Ice Cream Freezer (if the store only sells Tip Top Ice Cream, it will not be there): this includes corner stores, petrol stations and the impulse freezers of supermarkets (Countdown, Pak n Save and New World).