World’s Biggest Cookie

On 2 April 1996, Cookie Time Limited was put firmly on the international map by baking the World’s Biggest Cookie – a giant chocolate chip creation covering an area of 487.15 square metres (or 5,243.6 sq ft!)…

In 2003, an attempt to break our World Record was made by American cookie company Immaculate Baking Co. It didn’t look like they had done it… Guinness World Records didn’t officially recognise their cookie until 2008. This means we held the official title for 12 years! The American cookie measured a huge 100 foot in diameter (ours was 81 foot, just under 25 metres in diameter).

Our World Record cookie was…

  • 487.15 square metres in area
  • 24.9 metres in diameter
  • 2.5 centimetres thick

And it contained…

  • A whopping 13 tonnes of ingredients, including…
  • 2.5 tonnes of chocolate – over 1 million chocolate chips
  • 3.1 tonnes of sugar – enough for 600,000 cups of tea
  • 2 tonnes of butter – enough for over 400,000 slices of toast
  • 24,000 eggs – enough to have one a day for 65 years
  • 4.5 tonnes of flour – enough for 12,000 batches of scones